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Lisa Ware

Lisa Ware | Titibhasana, Firefly at Waterfall

Lisa Ware | Titibhasana, Firefly at Waterfall

Expanding Horizons | Inspiring Positive Change


Yoga | Reiki | Spirituality | Life +Nutrition Coaching  | Online Teacher Training | Audio Classes

E-RYT500, Experienced Yoga Teacher with over 10K Hours teaching

Founder and Owner, Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin 

Director, Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200/300 Hour

Reiki Master Teacher

Lisa has been practicing yoga for as long as she can remember. It is simply integrated into her lifestyle. She fell in love with the art of dance as a teen and began to practice it at every opportunity. Today, she is a Reiki Master and specializes in Hot Vinyasa Flow. She is greatly motivated to help transform people and enrich their mind / body / spirit connection. Lisa is a self-study and hard worker who freely shares yoga with charities, students, the local community and the world.

Lisa is a seasoned presenter at Texas and national conferences. She is originally from a well-grounded up bringing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She has been married to a fellow yogi since 1992, and they have two fun and crazy kids. Lisa has enjoyed a vegetarian, organic lifestyle for since 1996 and is passionate about teaching clean eating and nutrition. Other interests are traveling, ecstatic dance and organic gardening. Lisa also strives to create a self-sustainable homestead and studio/retreat center focused on healthy, green living.

She is completely inspired by bringing consciousness, beauty and love to the world through yoga and wellness related events, teaching yoga and providing Reiki healing therapy for others. She owns and runs a Far Infrared Heated private yoga studio South of Downtown Dallas, Texas, called  Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin. At the studio they offer Hot yoga, Chill Yoga 101, Meditation, Yoga and Goddess Retreats plus many master workshops and trainings with Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs 200 ONLINE Teacher Training and her One Yoga USA Advanced Training Programs 300 Hour mastery-level internship program. Her husband and her teach and play doing Acro, Aerial, Partner and Thai yoga at festivals and workshops. They also lead outdoor yoga classes and tree yoga!  In her free time you can find her practicing Acro Yoga, with her yogi hubby Richard, or on their land meditating by the waterfall, tower gardening, or hanging with their four dogs, two cats, chickens, horses and awesome kids.

Since 2007, Lisa has dedicated her life to this calling, receiving a RYT500 hour certification, Registered Yoga Teacher with over 6000 hours of teaching and creating an Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs ONLINE, a Registered Yoga School for 200 and 300 Hour Certification from Yoga Alliance. She has taught thousands of hours of yoga and is continuing her ongoing education daily through reading, meditation, Ayurveda and in-depth studies with master teachers, to enrich her yogic knowledge.



Lisa’s Workshops and Offerings


Richard Ware

Richard Ware~ Crow | Bakasana

Co-Owner, Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin 

Certified Yoga Instructor

Vedic Thai Body Therapist

The Fish Physician, LLC Owner

Richard has been practicing yoga since 2008 with his wife, Lisa. He is the co-owner of Yoga 4 Love and has deepened his personal practice on the mat, which grew a desire to share the benefits of his transformation with others through teaching.

Richard Ware~ Chinstand

Richard Ware is an outdoorsman and an ex Army Airborne Ranger with over 160 jumps. His style of teaching is witty and strong. His original offering Chill 101, focuses on the stretch and alignment in a non-competitive environment. He also teaches Vinyasa Flow Core 201 and Acro, Aerial, Partner Yoga +Thai Bodywork. Richard has been practicing yoga off and on for years with his wife, Lisa. He is the co-owner of Yoga 4 Love. Rich began practicing yoga for “brownie points’ with his wife, Lisa.

In 2011, he made the change from intermittent yoga practitioner to Yoga Teacher and took his practice to another level.  By deepening his personal practice on the mat he developed a growing desire to share the benefits of his transformation with others through teaching yoga.

He currently is owner and founder of TheFishPhysician, aquarium maintenance, design and installation. When he is not designing and maintaining aquariums for people you will find him on his yoga mat, practicing Hot Power Yoga. He began to see a need at his wife’s studio, Yoga 4 Love, to begin a series for all levels, so he got his yoga teaching training and jumped on board. He began his series called Chill Yoga 101 in March 2011, just three months after the studio opened. His teaching style is fundamental and very descriptive.

He enjoys people, loves his personal yoga practice, his dogs and his chickens, too. Rich is the husband of Lisa Ware, and co owner of Yoga 4 Love. They have two wonderful kids and have been married since 1992.

He loves to enrich others lives sharing the physical changes he has seen in his own body, and more significantly, the mind/ body /spirit connection of a healthy and strong yoga practice.

Come to one of Rich’s 201 or 301 classes, you will find yourself immersed in breath and flow, while gaining core strength and mastering inversions.

Lisa and Richard Ware NOW Magazine Photo shoot

Lisa and Richard Ware NOW Magazine Photo shoot


The Yoga 4 Love Story

Lisa was attuned to the Japanese Reiki lineage of healing Energy in 2000, along with her mother, as an alternate healing therapy for coping with chemo and radiation from her mom’s breast cancer. Lisa supported her mother, and witnessed her mom deal with surgeries, chemo, radiation and pain, always bouncing back with a smile on her face and a contagious, positive attitude. Her mother brought inspiration to thousands of Susan G. Komen attendees at the Fort Worth Race for The Cure. Lorene Farrell was a survivor, and was honored to present her story and enthusiasm for life to the crowds of women in pink and their supporters. She walked, spoke and inspired for many years, getting teams of thousands of participants together from American Airlines, where she worked, and placing 2nd or 3rd in the entire corporate team division every year. She even went to Washington, DC meet George W. Bush with the Komen Foundation president!

Lisa was inspired by her mother’s positivity and was led to teach people how to be well and hold a space for personal growth, yoga and healing. Through this life changing experience, Lisa became vividly aware that teaching yoga is her higher calling. The rocky journey of battling metastatic breast cancer with her mother then esophageal cancer with her dad began her own dynamic path of a passion for bringing healing and wellness to her community and ultimately for the greater good of the planet.

The Yoga 4 Love studio was named after Lisa’s mother, inspired by eight years of experiencing her frequent recurrences with cancer. A few short months later, after receiving her mother’s blessing on her business and after a long 8 years of being the greatest fighter she ever knew, her mother crossed over from the physical plane on May 7, 2008. Her father continued to be a strong force in her life, until he passed and was buried on May 7, 2015, 7 years later to the date. She believes that both of her parents are now her angels and give her great strength and perseverance.

Lisa has a charismatic and dynamic passion of sharing her knowledge of yoga and with her students and continues to spread her global reach through inter-connectedness in the yoga and energy work community. Inspiring others in their own personal yoga practice is her greatest reward. She feels that her yoga teaching is much more than a physical practice, it is a Mind / Body/ Spirit based practice. Lisa is living in the daily flow of Spirit with abundance and in gratitude for the many blessings in her life.

Peace, Love + Light